M2M Connected Location Intelligence

M2M Platform & Managed Airtime For OEM’s, VARs, and Large Enterprises

Troo makes it simple for businesses to build and run their own M2M (Machine-to-Machine) solutions. Our powerful M2M platform, packaged with global airtime plans, enables OEMs, value-added resellers and large enterprises to harness the power of real-time intelligence collected from connected devices.

Find our why our flexible & affordable satellite and cellular airtime packages are ideal for your remote monitoring requirements
Powerful M2M Platform & Analytics Engines

Powerful M2M Platform & Analytics Engines

Troo brings together everything needed to create powerful M2M solutions for businesses. We support the most extensive catalogue of connected hardware in the industry, package optimized airtime plans, and provide an extremely robust and customizable M2M platform to tie everything together. We are a one-stop shop for building M2M solutions.

  • Powerful analytics engines help draw out the most meaningful information from large sets of data.
  • Able to combine M2M telematics with real-time asset tracking all on one platform.
  • We offer add-on modules for control centers, asset tracking, weather feeds, aviation feeds, traffic feeds, maintenance monitoring, aviation reporting, ground fleet reporting, on-time routing and status publishing.

Compatible With The Most Hardware Devices In The Industry

We support the most extensive catalogue of satellite, cellular, RF, and landline devices in the industry – giving us the freedom to build customized solutions that meet any needs and budget. We support applications such as: sensor-array (SCADA) monitoring, lone worker tracking, GPS vehicle tracking, and aircraft tracking - all on one unified platform.

  • Multi modal device support allows you to use devices connected to wi-fi, cell, satellite, radio-frequency, or landlines all on the same platform.
  • Includes applications for smartphones to help you stay connected on the go
  • Able to integrate with legacy hardware and provide seamless transition to next generation of hardware when the time comes to upgrade.
Compatible With The Most Hardware Devices In The Industry
Highly Scalable & Open To Integrations With 3rd Party Data & Applications

Highly Scalable & Open To Integrations With 3rd Party Data & Applications

The Troo M2M Platform can securely inter-communicate between 3rd party applications and databases. Now, the best-of-breed industry applications can be extended to the TrooM2M platform and customers' legacy databases can interchange data with TrooM2M based products. This allows 3rd party developers to focus their resources on building their own value-added solutions and not have to worry about managing and connecting M2M devices.

  • Examples include insurance companies streaming telematics data from vehicles into their databases; and dispatch software providers combining the benefits of real-time telematics and situational awareness with their software.
  • Troo is actively seek business partnerships with 3rd Party M2M Application Developers and M2M hardware device manufacturers for joint customer project development efforts in such areas as Electrical Utiities Smart-meters, Intelligent Transportation Networks and Cargo Tracking Applications, as well as many other M2M application areas.

Global Satellite and Cellular Networks

Troo offers optimized data and voice plans in over 126 countries with multi-network roaming – allowing businesses to connect their devices anywhere in the world. Troo also supports a wide variety of connectivity options via cellular data (GSM & CDMA), Satellite (Iridium, Inmarsat, GlobalStar), RF, and WiFi.

  • Features include: multi-network roaming, low-cost messaging, bandwidth optimization.
  • Options for dedicated satellite, cellular, or hybrid hardware.
  • Cellular service in 126 countries
  • Your data is secured with bank-grade encryptions and VPNs.
Global Satellite and Cellular Networks
High Security To Keep Your Data Safe

High Security To Keep Your Data Safe

Your date is precious and we know it. Troo secures data transfer wth private cellular access point names (APN) and secures all communications between Carries/Earth stations and the Troo M2M platform with bank grade encryption and VPNs. Private APNs also ensure your mobile assets will receive higher priority when making initial connections to a network, rather than competing for an available channel on public APN used by consumers.

Let Us Help Build Your M2M Solution

Whether you are an enterprise looking to build an M2M network to improve your operations, or are looking to build and resell your own M2M solution – we can help you with every step along the way.

  • – Bundled Satellite and Cellular Airtime
  • – Robust M2M Platform and Analytics
  • – Mobile Apps and Web Services
  • – Custom Integrations With 3rd Party Data & Applications
  • – Bank-grade Encryptions and Secure VPNs.
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