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TrooTrax fleet management lets you easily track your vehicles, manage your fleet, monitor driver behaviour & hours, and helps you takes the guesswork out of reducing your operating costs. We listen to what your business needs and build a plan that works right for you. Install our hardware in minutes, download our mobile app or log in online and start tracking your fleet today.

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GPS Fleet Tracking

GPS Fleet Tracking

Tired of wondering where your drivers are, and if your deliveries are on time? With GPS tracking you can monitor vehicle & route performance in realtime - making sure you never miss a delivery or have to chase a driver down again.

  • Easily increase driver productivity and lower fuel costs by reviewing and optimizing your routes.
  • Deliver better and faster service to your customers by knowing exactly where your drivers are, and when they’ll arrive at their destination.
  • Free up your time by automating your operations. Schedule daily reports and send out email or text notifications to keep a finger on the pulse of your operations.
  • Track vehicles, trailers, construction equipment, and more. Set your mind at ease about unauthorized usage and theft by always knowing where your assets are.

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Driver Behavior & Maintenance Reports

Now you can keep a watchful eye on your drivers automatically. Use alerts and reports to track behavior such as harsh braking, speeding, and unauthorized usage. Save on maintenance fees by getting engine diagnostics and detailed usage history for your vehicles.

  • Compare your drivers performance amongst your fleet and over time to make sure you’re operating as efficiently as possible.
  • Reward drivers for good performance and give feedback to drivers that need improvement.
  • Cutting down on harsh braking,unnecessary mileage,and excessive idling will reduce maintenance costs on tires and brakes, as well as fuel costs too.
  • Get alerts for Engine diagnostics and reports on detailed usage to make scheduled maintenance easier than ever before, and always keep your fleet running smoothly.
  • By knowing where your drives travel you can easily generate IFTA Fuel Tax (state mileage) reports.

Driver Behavior & Maintenance Reports
Stay Compliant With Simple Driver E Logs

Stay Compliant With Simple Driver E Logs

With automated driver logs you never need to chase a driver for their daily logs again. Notify dispatch and your drivers to easily avoid any accidental violation trips. Drivers just tap a key fob when they get in and out of the cab – it’s that simple.

  • -Our Tap-n-Drive hardware installs in minutes and is incredibly easy for drivers to use
  • -Automatic driver logs are easily accessible in the office or on the road in case of a safety audit
  • -No longer will you have to chase drivers down for their paper logs
  • -There is no need for costly in-cab displays - our hardware is inconspicuous and doesn't distract drivers from the road

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Track, Deliver, and Invoice Your Deliveries Automatically

Take the guesswork out of managing pick-ups, deliveries, and job site visits. Instead of relying on drivers to full out load sheets,

you’ll receive alerts or daily reports that let you know if your drivers visited the right sites, and were on time or not

  • Get paid faster by reducing the need to wait for driver slips
  • Reduce material loss by ensuring loads arrive at the correct destination
  • Improve customer service with exact time of load deliveries
  • Identify route inefficiencies by tracking load totals

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Track, Deliver, and Invoice Your Deliveries Automatically

Pick A Solution That Works For You

Your Business. Your Choice. We help you build a plan that works for your business. Pick from our selection of products and only pay for what you use:

  • Complete GPS Fleet Tracking
  • Automatic Driver Logs
  • Job Load Reporting
  • Route Planning
  • Enterprise Integrations & Billing

From Owner-Operators To Full Enterprise Solutions

Troo was one of the first service providers to deliver 100% cloud-based M2M Location Intelligence. For over 10 years, and in more than 50 countries, we have been hard at work behind many brands supplying GPS Tracking and Geometric (Mapping) applications - enabling business to better Monitor, Measure and Manage their mobile assets and operations.


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