Launch of TrooTrax Fleet Suite

Thursday August 13,2015

Launch of TrooTrax Fleet Suite for Smarter Fleet Operations, HOS Compliance & Driver Support — brings Workflow Automation to GPS Tracking and Fleet Management.

TrooTrax GPS Tracking to include Job Load Tracking, Route Compliance Monitoring and Automated Hours of Service Logs for smarter fleets — simplifying work for fleet dispatchers and drivers.

Mid-American Trucking Show, Louisville, KY (Booth #67132) – Troo Corporation, a leading provider of GPS tracking solutions for satellite, RF and cellular monitoring, is pleased to announce the expansion of its TrooTrax gps tracking and fleet management platform to include a new suite of tools for managers and drivers in transport trucking, bulk haul and local service fleets.

The TrooTrax ‘Fleet Suite’ was developed in conjunction with major international delivery companies, truck drivers and dispatchers. The new TrooTrax tool suite provides a turnkey solution for trucking transport, bulk haul and local delivery operations needing streamlined Hours of Service, timesheets, IFTA and route compliance reporting. The Fleet Suite also introduces tools that extend TrooTrax GPS tracking to provide automatic job validation of load pickup and deliveries, trailer management, truck routing and milestone monitoring essential to fleet dispatchers, managers and drivers.

“After a decade of web-based GPS tracking in aviation and ground fleets, and support for over 60 different tracking devices, Troo is able to cherry-pick the applications that fleet managers and drivers need for day-to-day work and put them into a suite that gives a menu of pay-as-you-go options” says Frank Friesacher, CEO of Troo, “ they can then build on the GPS tracking platform to tailor these options to their operational workflow, business objectives and, of course, budget”

TrooTrax Fleet Suite now includes:
1. Compliance Reporting:
a. IFTA Fuel tax reports
b. Automated Driver Logs (for FMCSA ‘HOS’ Compliance)
Dispatch & Logistics Management Tools:
a. On-Track Routing (OTR) to Manage Delivery routes providing up-to-the-minute ETAs and progress on job routes with alerts sent immediately to dispatchers the moment milestones or deliveries fall behind schedule.
b. Live Driver Duty cycle information – know in realtime how many hours your drivers have left in their day and their 7-day cycle to remain compliant with HOS regulations.
c. P&D Reporting – live monitoring and validation of trips to and from pick-up sites and drop-off sites.
Better Support for Drivers with:
a. Automated Driver paperwork using the Driver Log Module
b. Safety feedback on driving behaviors such as harsh acceleration or braking, swerving conditions or speeding over posted road speeds
c. Simple ‘Tap and Drive’ Driver log-ins using keychain RFID tags – reducing the need for expensive and distracting terminals in the cab.
Preventative Maintenance Vehicle Monitoring App:
a. Automatic maintenance notifications based on Distance traveled and Engine Hours since last vehicle maintenance.
b. Greater accuracy with VIN and other data pulled directly from vehicle BUS (J1939,J19708 & OBD Protocols)
c. DTC & MIL code capture from Vehicle Bus with realtime alerts sent to maintenance managers the moment anything suspect is detected.
Mobile Apps for Android and iOS to manage. monitor and communicate with your fleet.

About Troo Corporation:

Troo Corporation is a privately held M2M Connected Location Intelligence Solutions company established in 2004 and has global channels that include major global OEMs serving asset tracking and monitoring markets. Troo is also an MVNO supplying satellite and cellular airtime services optimised for 2-way telematics data around the world.
Based in Ottawa, Canada, Troo has customers in over 50 countries in industries such as aviation tracking, emergency response dispatch, forest fire-fighting, trucking & trailer fleet management, fixed asset/systems monitoring, stolen vehicle recovery, UBI (usage based insurance) and spatial GIS analytics. Troo is one of the first providers of a cloud-based platform for affordable M2M (machine-to-machine) telemetry as well as Location Intelligence and data analytics delivered via desktops, mobile devices and integration services. Visit to learn more or contact us at to discuss solutions for your fleet, or, on becoming a TrooTrax Reseller.

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