GPS Asset Tracking

Unique Tracking Solutions for Unique Businesses

With TrooTrax custom flight ops solutions, you don’t have to settle for off-the-shelf canned
solutions. Our custom solutions are built to give you access to the data that’s most important to
Isn’t it frustrating when you are constantly faced with canned business solutions that are
off-the-shelf with little to no flexibility to customize for your unique needs? Troo’s Custom
Solutions are built on the robust TrooTrax operating platform, so you can choose the features and
services that matter to you

With Troo, you get a custom mobile workforce solution tailored to your business needs. Build on
top of the TrooTrax asset tracking system and easily integrate with existing data systems to reduce
your paperwork. Our flexible design and the variety of add-ons available make it easy to build as
you go. And all our solutions are designed to grow as your business grows so you can expand the
features and functions you use as your needs and budget grow.

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Your Choice of Best-of-Breed Hardware & Airtime

Troo engineers will work with you to select the best satellite or other wireless tracking
hardware for the job, and even supply global airtime or managed data services to suit
your requirements.

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