Next Gen Flight Following & Flight Data Solutions

Troo offers powerful end-to-end satcom solutions for Flight Following and Flight Data Management. We supply some of the worlds top avionics companies with the tracking software, global satellite & cellular connections, and analytics engines that 1000’s of their customers depend on daily to monitor, measure, and manage their aircraft.

Learn how you can better manage your fleet by tracking & monitoring your aircraft, viewing live global aviation weather, and more – all from one platform.
End-to-End Solutions for Aviation Tracking & Intelligence

End-to-End Solutions for Aviation Tracking & Intelligence

Protect your investments by always knowing exactly where your aircraft are, how they are being flown, and automatically logging their usage/flight records.

  • Track pilot behavior & deviation from flight plans.
  • Automatic flight logs, record flight stages, exceedances, messages (squat, takeoff, landing, etc).
  • Manage profitability and improve safety by using reports for: aircraft maintenance, trip details (used in logs), on-tarmac metrics (block times, takeoffs), squat switch and other I/O event reports.
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Global Aviation Weather & Live Situational Awareness

Every operator must consider weather before and during flight – so TrooTrax Weather Brief offers an integrated view of flight following overlaid with live & forecasted aviation weather, as well as the ability to display other live data such as no-fly zones, flight paths, and FAA ASDI data.

  • Weather brief offers industry leading forecast models and products from Schnieder electrics. Built on proven industry technology –Schneider has 30+ years experience providing aviation weather reporting & forecasting.
  • True Global Coverage.
  • Choose from 40+ interactive weather layers. Get a quick visual representation, as well as in-depth descriptions of weather systems.
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Global Aviation Weather & Live Situational Awareness
Flight Data Management

Flight Data Management

TrooTrax offers the ability to provide flight data management (FDM) capabilities. Automatic capturing & recording of flight data helps operators monitor parameters such as airspeed, altitude, oil pressure, torque, fuel flow, and more. This data is invaluable for planning maintenance and responding to operational problems.

  • Schedule automatic alerts for exceedances
  • Create custom reports for maintenance
  • Replay past flights
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Automated Alerts, Reports & 3D Geofences

TrooTrax operates in the cloud to continually watch over your remote assets checking device stats, landmarks (e.g. airports, hospitals), timed milestones and other data sources to automatically notify the right people the instant anything is out of the ordinary or not going to plan.

  • Reduce pilot and operations centre workload by enabling your aircraft to communicate automatically without human interaction and provide alerts – to the right people, at the right time – if anything unusual is detected.
  • Our innovative alerting system can automatically send a final position/status report after power is removed from the aircraft if needed
  • Operators can establish performance ranges and schedule alerts when actual conditions are outside prescribed parameters. Custom reports also can be created to inform business decision-making and prove compliance with existing and emerging mandates.
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Automated Alerts, Reports & 3D Geofences
Many devices, many options, all supported by the TrooTrax platform

Many devices, many options, all supported by the TrooTrax platform

Troo does not manufacture any hardware – but we do support the largest selection of 3rd party tracking devices of any tracking company in the world. This allows our customers to select the best devices for their needs.

  • Troo performs custom device configuration
  • Multi-vendor support enables seamless integration of legacy GPS devices while offering an easy path forward to the next generation of devices.
  • Support for devices with 2-way text and voice communication – right within program.
  • Portable and permanent-mounted hardware.

Global Satellite & Cellular Airtime Plans

Troo works closely with satellite & cellular airtime OEMs to provide a seamless global network. Whether you are operating in rural areas outside of cell coverage or operate around the globe – our global airtime plans will keep you connected. Choose from Iridium or InMarsat’s global coverage, or Globalstar’s low-cost regional services.

  • Features include: multi-network roaming, low-cost messaging, bandwidth optimization.
  • Options for dedicated satellite, cellular, or hybrid hardware.
  • Cellular service in 126 countries
  • Your data is secured with bank-grade encryptions and VPNs.
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Global Satellite & Cellular Airtime Plans
Custom Integrations To Fit Every Business’ Needs

Custom Integrations To Fit Every Business’ Needs

If you require a solution we haven’t listed, contact us to see how our platform lets us easily build and integrate custom solutions just for your business.

  • If you would like to integrate our powerful tracking and fleet management platform with your current dispatch, billing, or back-office systems – no problem. Our team will work with you to create a seamless connection between our software and yours.
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Pick A Solution That Works For You

We can help you build a custom plan that works for your business. Pick from our
selection of products and only pay for what you use:

  • Complete GPS Flight Following
  • Live & Forecasted Aviation Weather
  • Full Control Room Installations
  • Complete Enterprise Solutions & Integrations
  • Full Software White-Labelling For OEMs & Resellers

From Small Fleets To Full Enterprise Solutions

Troo was one of the first service providers to deliver 100% cloud-based M2M Location Intelligence. For over 10 years, and in more than 50 countries, we have been hard at work behind many brands supplying GPS Tracking and Geometric (Mapping) applications enabling business to better Monitor, Measure and Manage their mobile assets and operations.

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