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Precision Agriculture

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Aviation Tracking

SKYTRAC Acquires TrooTrax Flight Following and Mission Platform.

Ground Transportation

SKYTRAC Acquires TrooTrax Ground.

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Powerful Web-Based Mapping and Tracking

Troo Corp provides tracking and monitoring solutions in the Aviation, Ground Fleet and Precision Agriculture sectors. For over 15 years, we have provided aviation and ground-based tracking to more than 300 customers with web-based mapping of over 5000 flights and trips per day via our TrooTrax platform. We have recently extended this web-based tracking, mapping, and analytic technology into the Precision Agriculture market to automate high-precision yield map production from combine harvesters of any make, model or age.

Flights & Trips Per Day

Years of Experience

Our History

Troo was founded in 2004 (formerly Waypoint Technologies) by a core part of the Northwood Technologies management team, which was acquired by Marconi in 2001. Northwood developed class-leading desktop GIS solutions for geoscience, social science, and eventually a comprehensive set of wireless network planning applications. The knowledge gained from developing automated spatial analysis served as a strong basis for a new suite of powerful but easy-to-use web-based mapping solutions.

Our Team

Troo Corp is comprised of a team of Technologists, Computer Scientists, Engineers and Geoscientists that includes farmers, pilots and navigators amongst them. We leverage this wide-ranging skill-set to bring unique offerings to the market by understanding our customer needs through first-hand experience. With over 25 years of technology application experience through desktop and web-based mapping, the Troo team has the know-how to make difficult and complex operations simple and accessible to our customers.

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462 Pinehouse Drive
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