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TrooTrax – Aviation Tracking Suite

For over 15 years, TrooTrax has been the aviation tracking industry leader. We provide web-based mapping and tracking for flight-following, flight monitoring (OCC) and post-flight analysis for single aircraft operations through to companies operating hundreds of aircraft. Our customer-base is comprised of over 300 operators tracking over 4500 flights per day in Air Medical, Oil and Gas Crew Transfer, Search and Rescue, Police and Military, Carrier, Charter and Fire Fighting applications.

TrooTrax has been specifically designed for the aviation industry with direct input from leading operators as well as tracking device providers. We support more than 80 types of tracking devices including integrating fleets, with a mix of installed and approved tracking devices, into a single platform. This includes tracking ground or marine based assets in the same interface as aircraft including vehicles, boats, trailers and personnel.

Flights Tracked Per Day

International Customers

Years of Aviation Experience

  • Air Medical 33% 33%
  • Oil and Gas Crew Transfer 12% 12%
  • Search and Rescue 9% 9%
  • Fire 2% 2%
  • Mixed Operations 33% 33%
  • Military 9% 9%
  • Charter 4% 4%

What We Do

Safer Flights
  • Track your entire fleet while following specific flights in dedicated windows
  • Over 80 tracking device types supported
  • Web-based or mobile app flight following for your entire fleet
  • Customer-defined events, notifications, geofencing and alarms
  • Integrate vehicle, marine and personnel tracking with aircraft in one view
Ensure Compliance
  • Operation Control Center (OCC) flight monitoring
  • Integrated graphic and alphanumeric Baron Aviation Weather
  • Out-of-Communication monitoring and alarm
  • Flight Plan deviation and no-flight-plan advisories
  • Auditable trail for flight events, notifications, messaging and alarms.
Refine Go No-Go Decisions
  • Integrated Baron Aviation Weather with aircraft tracking
  • 47 weather graphical weather layers with flight levels and forecasts
  • Aircraft specific templates for threshold definition per weather layer
  • Pre-flight weather check using forecast vs. aircraft specific thresholds
  • In-flight weather check using current and forecast weather vs. aircraft specific thresholds
Debrief Tools
  • Replay flight path in map view
  • Replay flight profile in cross-section view with altitude
  • Automated flight reports sent upon flight completion
  • Export flight path in .kmz for Google Earth flight replay
  • Flight data stored for 1 year with option for 2 or 3 years

TrooTrax Aviation Tracking

Troo offers powerful end-to-end satcom solutions for Flight Following and Flight Data Management. We supply some of the worlds top avionics companies with the tracking software, global satellite & cellular connections, and analytics engines that 1000’s of customers depend on daily to monitor, measure, and manage their aircraft.

We’re dedicated to constant improvement to keep aviators and their passengers safe. The addition of our Mission module transforms TrooTrax into a comprehensive Operations Control Center (OCC) flight monitoring system, in addition to a flight following system. We have integrated Baron Aviation Weather and are working with Cornell University’s Ornithology Department to integrate BirdCast, their migratory bird activity and forecasting data.

Integrated Aviation Weather

Troo has partnered with Baron Aviation Weather to provide the premier integrated aviation tracking and weather package. We integrate aircraft position with graphical weather in a seamless interface. Baron uses verified aviation sources such as WAFS, GFS, NWS, NCEP, RAP and GEM. There are 47 current and forecast weather layers with including flight levels for appropriate data. Current and forecast enhanced low-level VFR layers include: Flight Category, Surface Visibility, Surface Winds (1m/10m), Metars and Tafs, Storm Tracks, Hi-Resolution Icing and Vertical Vorticity. This integration of Baron Aviation Weather provides critical alphanumeric data required for TrooTrax Mission to generate notifications and alarms where aircraft defined weather threshold exceedances occur, in addition to graphical representation for visual review.

TrooTrax Mission – Automated Flight Monitoring

The TrooTrax Mission module transforms TrooTrax from a flight following platform into a full function Operations Control Center (OCC) interface. Mission provides a suite of automated flight monitoring features to help the OCC Specialist monitor an entire fleet while retaining the ability to identify and track multiple aircraft in dedicated windows simultaneously and independently. Customer-defined notifications and alarms can be set for out-of-communication duration from last reported position, flight plan deviation or absence, manual point entry by radio communication for business continuity and integrated weather check. Integration with Baron Aviation Weather facilitates pre-flight, flight-plan and in-flight weather check versus an aircraft template defining weather thresholds and exceedances per airframe. Automated notifications and alarms are user-defined for the entire fleet and/or per aircraft as pertinent.

Complete Flight Risk Assessment

Complete Flight offers an integrated solution with single login and imbedded OCC interface within TrooTrax. Complete Flight can be operated remotely by pilots with an iPad or Smartphone app as well as on a desktop computer. This solution includes Electronic Flight Bag, Electronic Record Keeping, Duty Logs, Manifesting, Weight and Balance and Flight Risk Forms in addition to pilot currency and flight history reports. Flight plans authored in Complete Flight pending approval automatically load into TrooTrax Mission for review, weather check and approval. Once approved, the flight is seamlessly handed-off to TrooTrax Mission for flight monitoring.

Post-Flight Analysis & Reporting

TrooTrax is both a graphical web-based mapping interface as well as a geospatial analytics engine. Once the urgent matter of tracking and monitoring a flight is complete, analysis to learn, improve safety and increase efficient operations begins. At the conclusion of any/all flights, automated reports can be compiled and sent to billing, maintenance, operations, management etc. Each report can be tailored with specific information pertinent to the person or department receiving the report.

All flights are stored for a period of one year with the option to increase this duration to two or three years if desired. Any flight can be replayed in plan-view as well as in flight-profile view (cross section) with pertinent data available to be queried. Flight profiles can be exported in .kmz format for 3D replay in Google Earth and/or flight simulators that accept this format.

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